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    Ochs Service Inc.               Electricians and electrical contractors. Fully licensed and insured.


Service, installation and repair of electrical systems in the NY/NJ Metropolitan area. For electrical installation and electrical repairs we have the necessary tools, electricians and know how to get the job done Right!


​Our qualified electricians will inspect, make repairs and conduct themselves in the most professional manner to insure the safety and value of your workplace and business.
Electrical repairs

Licensed & Insured

Lighting repair

Lighting installation design and repair

Whether it's a new electrical service or new equipment. We can help get your project completed in a timely and safe manner.  Need an electrician? Give us a call

New lighting can save your business valuable dollars with the use of energy efficient fixtures and lighting control. Don't sit in the dark, call us for a free consultation. 

Outdoor lighting pole lighting

  Outdoor Lighting

Lighting installation design and repair

The performance of your outdoor lighting can impact your bottom line and the security of your valued employees and clients. We can inspect, repair and make recommendations for the best lighting solution 

Data center power

Power ​Management systems and Lighting control

Experienced in providing multiple configurations and variations of the power circuits required by your clients. We are well versed in the security and care it takes to work in this extremely mission critical environment.

Data network installation

Design, Installation and Repair

We have certified Cat 5 and Cat 6 installers. For installing a few extra workstations or an entire new infrastructure our experience will show you the way. And if there is a networking issue we can handle that too. Microsoft certified techs at your disposal to iron out all your computing problems

Fiber optic installation and repair

Design, Installation and Repair

DVR's, security cameras

Security camera, installation design and repair

Electrical repairs and electrical installation of all types. Receptacles, switches, motors, HVAC circuits, generators, low voltage control and anything else that has a wire connected to it.

Fiber optics can increase the speed and robustness of your computing environment. Whether it's closet to closet or building to building we're ready to help you move at the speed of light!

Security cameras are every where. Driving to the office, shopping or just going out for your favorite coffee. Protect your investment, your employees and your clients with a capable security system that has many features... remote access from any pc, mac or smart phone. Extended video retention, save to disk, thumb drive or the "cloud".

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