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Photos from some of our projects

electrical installation
Electrical installation

Gateway Toyota

Electrical installation for the new Sales and Service buildings

electrical panel
Temporary voice and data
Electric generator installation
electric wire damage

In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy damage to many of our Jersey City clients was extensive. Only days after the storm we are there to assist Hudson Toyota, Hudson Nissan and Hudson Chrysler get their businesses back online. First was setting up a temporary generator. Next task was to get temporary workspace functional so that the flood damaged structure could be rebuilt. Pictures show temporary dividing wals, desk space for sales personel and managers. Providing temporary power, phone and computer service to their employees was our top priority.

Underground feeders cables damaged by brakish water that flooded the underground conduits.

stand by generator installation
Stand by electric generator

Residential Generator Installation

electric distribution damage

Electric room damaged with flood waters. Replacement of transformers completed. Replacement of 1600 amp switch gear in underway.

Historic electric panel

We recently helped one of our clients bring his 200 year old house up to code and ready for resale. This was a fuse panel in the 2nd floor hallway. The copper bus bars look brand new. The workmanship that we discovered to install this old system was outstanding. Kudos to those from the previous generations who were involved with this installation. Needless to say it has to go. The wiring is dangerously dry rotted and  the fused neutral is a hazard to all.

Knob and Tube !!!

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